We select our products carefully, and conduct extensive
testing to ensure that each cup offers a superior printing surface.
View the full range of sizes and printing details, you can print your logo on any of our disposable paper cups!

Single Wall Cups

We produce single paper cups using offset printing. Our technologies and materials comply with the
strictest worldwide regulations and are safe for use with food & drinks.

3 oz

4 oz

6 oz

7 oz

8 oz

9 oz(e)

9 oz(g)

12 oz(t)

12 oz(g)

16 oz(g)

22 oz(g)

Ice Cream Cups

Nothing tastes better than ice cream on a hot day.
Our custom printed ice cream cups are made of a thick quality paper,
making them both sturdy and ideal for printing, as well as 100% recyclable.

80 cc

100 cc

150 cc + lids

200 cc

250 cc + lids

390 cc + lids

500 cc

Double Wall Cups

Our paper cup varieties can be printed up in full colors all over the cup,
From coffee to cold drinks to ice cream – we’ve got you covered.

8 oz